Musician, songwriter

Elusive Memory

Once again I’m sailing this ocean
Drifting in a tide of emotion
I’m sinking in an elusive memory of you

I’m walking dazed to a rendezvous
Staring at the haze on the avenue
Intoxicated by the reminiscence of your love

Like a lonely satellite
I’m spinning through the night
Lost in an elusive memory of you
Until I fade away

Slowly the leaves have turned gold
Colorful dreams left untold
Somewhere I know, you watch them fall

© Achille, 2015

Sweet Fantasies


She’s a lion
Running in the wild
A cold beauty
Biting where it hurts

Like a siren
Ready to beguile
She lures me
Down where evil lurks

Tell me your sweet fantasies
Let me fall deep into
A sky of billion galaxies
A trip of endless ecstasy

She’s a devil
Waiting in the dark
A hurricane
Precious and brutal

Like a missile
Quiet through the night
She lights a fire
In my reckless heart

Surrender all your mysteries
Let me dive deep into
A sea of burning desire
A dream of toxic delight

Why do we let this painful lust
Turn our minds into dust?

Now it’s time to bring me down
Cross the line, leave this town

Take this broken soul of mine
On an everlasting ride

© Achille, 2014


Holding a seashell in her hand
Sapphire dances on the sand
Morning breeze on her purple gown
Smooth sunlight, autumn dawn

And the sleeping moon is shimmering

Lying there, awake again
Yet I’ve tried to understand
How I want you to be
How I want you to see
The world through me

And the howling waves are glimmering

Cold fire
Take me away
From this world so grey

© Achille, 2013

Sad Songs


Crystal voice
Howling words
Wistful rejoice
Lonely birds

Minor touch
Silent punch

Sad songs
Beautiful, sad songs
Read me
Cradle me
When life feels a bit wrong

Rainy sun
Cloudy ink
Shivering gun
Snowy drink

Moody star
Fragile scar

Sad songs
Beautiful, sad songs
Heal me
Comfort me
When life’s letting me down

And when I go to bed
Sad songs in my head
I dream in black and white
Of tomorrow’s colorful light

Sad songs
I love sad songs

© Achille, 2014

Blank Life


Woke up and felt empty this morning
As if nothing had any meaning
I’m still a lonely kid
This silence kills

Went outside for a little walk
Looking for somebody to talk to
Saw a lost dog on the lawn
We’re both waiting for the dawn

Phone rang, a so-called friend
No I ain’t dead yet, what about you man?
It’s not like my life is ending
But more like it never started

I’ve been in this waiting room for so long
Hey Doctor you’ve forgotten to call my name
Yes I’m ill, I live a life with no aim

Maybe it’s time to rush
Bring some calm to the strife
Someone give me a brush
So I paint something on this blank life

© Achille, 2012

Sublimely Beautiful


I’d offer you a symphony
But all I got is this little song
I’d already be happy
If it makes you wanna sing along

Well I don’t know how to start
There’s so much to tell you
So I’m speaking from my heart
And I think I love you

Because you are
Sublimely Beautiful
From your whole being

This may sound like a declaration
But it’s just an intense need
To put words on my passion
To let you know how I feel

Your bright smile, your tanned skin
Your laugh, and all your little quirks
The way you say Hi and Please
I love them all

Sublimely Beautiful
And it amazes me

I worry about doing too much
But it’s hard to contain exaltation
You’ve got the magic touch
I’ve got an addiction

So I play these few notes for your ears
And sing these few words for your heart
I hope it will reach you
Cauz’ it’s all I can really do

Sublimely Beautiful
And it scares me

© Achille, 2012

Whatever It Is


Wearing my favorite shirt today
Rolled up sleeves, light blue
Even this one seems to turn grey
Whenever I stand next to you

Where do you buy your fancy clothes?
Whatever it is, it just glows

Got myself a new guitar
Brown wooden, nice and dry
I play quite busy, a shiny star
You play just right, a peaceful sky

What makes your voice sound so cute?
Whatever it is, I’m hooked

I like your flashy hair
Your quiet scent, your toothy smile
Darling I wish you’d care
Until then I’ll be near you, for a little while

Whatever it is
You’re beautiful

© Achille, 2014

Little Boy (Everything’s Gonna Be Alright)


Daddy’s watching the news
The black man cries, and so does the crowd
Mummy bought me blinking shoes
There’s an old man on a mushroom cloud

Everything’s gonna be alright
As long as there are stars
Everything’s gonna be alright
As long as there are dreams

Brother’s driving the car
He can’t buy a beer but he carries a gun
He smokes funny cigarettes so he can reach the sun
The radio plays some nice guitar

Everything’s gonna be alright
As long as there are smiles
Everything’s gonna be alright
As long as there’s you

Little boy
Let your hair grow long
This ugly world, you shall not see

Little boy
Sing a pretty song
These foolish words, you shall not hear

Keep a bar of soap in your pocket
Many dirty hands, you’re gonna shake

Plant a seed, grow a tree
When comes the day, you’ll climb up there
Somewhere between the sky and the sea
Far from reality

Dima went to Syria
She said my dear I’ll send you a letter
We got the Christmas catalogue, but still no letter
Is Santa going to Syria?

Everything’s gonna be alright

© Achille, 2014

The Girl With The Cello


She plays the cello like a sad angel
Lost in the mellow of that singing maple

You can feel all the love she’s got inside
Her fears, joys and pride
It’s sweet, sometimes bitter
I can’t get enough of her

She plays with eyes closed
Her fingers dancing on the strings
Slowly she composes
The melody of my dreams

Holding her bow like a pen
She writes harmonious words
Sometimes it’s a sword
And it goes on again

She’s standing apart
Elegant and refined
Playing from the heart
And sometimes with mine

Perhaps I’m a monomaniac
But it’s hard to come back
Once you’ve found
The girl with the cello

© Achille, 2013

Somewhere, Anywhere


I grew up in a quiet town
No Liverpool, or Minneapolis
Spent my time dreaming all alone
Wanna be cool, wanna be missed

I’ll go somewhere, anywhere
But here

A funny name and clumsy hands
They say I wouldn’t go too far
I was trying to understand
The moon, the sun and the stars

I’ll take the ride on the funfair
Without fear

Never was so good in maths
Too busy looking at the grass
The lonely wolf in the zoo
I was just waiting for you

I hung out with the wrong crowd
Talking crap, dressing out loud
Keep tripping on my shoelace
Gotta get out of this place

I’ll go somewhere, anywhere
But here

Stop by your house, ring the bell
My dear

© Achille, 2014