Musician, songwriter

Rising To The Sun


Ten feet off the ground
I scream without a sound
Rising to the sun
Climbing till I’m numb

We sailed through the past
Drifted too fast
I’m soaring
Once again

Eyes painted black
Lips tainted red
The venom crawls

Right through the cracks
Deep in my head
Like a demon’s drawl

This smoke-filled room
Smells like doom
Inhale the pain
Exhale in vain

Eyes painted green
Heart tainted blue
I lost control

These violent scenes
Weren’t made for you
And your troubled soul

Ten feet off the ground
I scream without a sound
Rising to the sun
Climbing till I’m numb

We sailed through the past
Drifted too fast
I’m sorry
Once again

© Achille, 2016


Postcard From The Moon


Another warm embrace
Before she goes
Another stormy haze
Inside her tears
Like April snow

She climbs up the stairs
And passes through
The white door to the sky

Meet me there
Somewhere soon
Down this long, long road
I will send
A postcard from the Moon

Another holiday
Before the cold
Another hideaway
Stories of fate
Finally unfold

She sails through the air
And deep into
The darkness of the night

Meet me there
Somewhere soon
Down this long, long road
I will send
A postcard from the Moon

The room is spinning
Like an awful dream
I’m blinded by the light

Meet me there
Somewhere soon
Down this lonely road
‘Till I send
A postcard from the Moon

© Achille, 2016
Artwork by Bo Bartlett

Cosmic Day


Lost in the dark
A quiet star awaits
Its time to rise and shine
In its own special way

Comets come passing by
Flashing through the night
The planets trace a curious line
They send a sign

As the moon begins to glow
A flower blooms
Up above a U.F.O
Blinks for you

It’s a cosmic day
It’s your day

Now it’s time, little star
To hide your fragile scars
Brush off the dusty clouds
Don’t let the eclipse shroud
Your precious sky

Slowly, eventually
Galaxies collide
Somewhere out in the cold
A storm unfolds

As the sun begins to fade
A dream comes true
Up above a constellation
Winks at you

Until the Earth begins to part
I’ll pull you through
This lonely room inside your heart
Has space for two

It’s a cosmic day
Shine away

© Achille, 2016

Silver Screen (Just For One Day)


On the silver screen
I’m a hero
Running through the heat
Then home to watch you sleep
On my pillow

On the silver screen
I’m a genius
I’d make a flying cape
Then we could escape
To Mars or Venus

Boys and girls, freaks in disguise
A whole universe at your door
Watch the world right through their eyes
We can be them and even more

Just for one day

On the silver screen
I’m a gangster
Gone without a trace
With bruises on our faces
We’d be partners in crime

Magic words, little white lies
A hundred colours to explore
See the world right through their minds
Till we can’t pretend anymore

Just for a while

On the edge of the bed
I’m a lover
I ain’t got no name on the big screen
But my kisses are real
I’m your lover

© Achille, 2016

Digital Parasite


I’m a lonely man-machine
Staring at life through a window
A soul that’s getting cold

My body bleeds caffeine
My brain is stuck in limbo
Until I crack the code

Digital Parasite
You’re feeding my appetite
Digital Parasite
Give me something to bite

Satellite, Megabytes
Get me through the night

I’m a glitch in the system
Daddy’s painful mistake
A mind that’s getting numb

Like an evil algorithm
The snake slowly awakes
Oh what a beast I’ve become

Safe in my nest
Adventures and quests
A million new friends
For me to pretend

Digital Parasite
You’re filling my empty heart
Digital Parasite
Until I’m out of sight

Sunlight, Dynamite
Take me to the light

The smell of the sea
The song of the trees
It’s there at your feet
Yet so out of reach

The touch of a kiss
The taste of her lips
Just get on your feet
Step onto the street

© Achille, 2015

Elusive Memory

Once again I’m sailing this ocean
Drifting in a tide of emotion
I’m sinking in an elusive memory of you

I’m walking dazed to a rendezvous
Staring at the haze on the avenue
Intoxicated by the reminiscence of your love

Like a lonely satellite
I’m spinning through the night
Lost in an elusive memory of you
Until I fade away

Slowly the leaves have turned gold
Colorful dreams left untold
Somewhere I know, you watch them fall

© Achille, 2015

Sweet Fantasies


She’s a lion
Running in the wild
A cold beauty
Biting where it hurts

Like a siren
Ready to beguile
She lures me
Down where evil lurks

Tell me your sweet fantasies
Let me fall deep into
A sky of billion galaxies
A trip of endless ecstasy

She’s a devil
Waiting in the dark
A hurricane
Precious and brutal

Like a missile
Quiet through the night
She lights a fire
In my reckless heart

Surrender all your mysteries
Let me dive deep into
A sea of burning desire
A dream of toxic delight

Why do we let this painful lust
Turn our minds into dust?

Now it’s time to bring me down
Cross the line, leave this town

Take this broken soul of mine
On an everlasting ride

© Achille, 2014


Holding a seashell in her hand
Sapphire dances on the sand
Morning breeze on her purple gown
Smooth sunlight, autumn dawn

And the sleeping moon is shimmering

Lying there, awake again
Yet I’ve tried to understand
How I want you to be
How I want you to see
The world through me

And the howling waves are glimmering

Cold fire
Take me away
From this world so grey

© Achille, 2013

Sad Songs


Crystal voice
Howling words
Wistful rejoice
Lonely birds

Minor touch
Silent punch

Sad songs
Beautiful, sad songs
Read me
Cradle me
When life feels a bit wrong

Rainy sun
Cloudy ink
Shivering gun
Snowy drink

Moody star
Fragile scar

Sad songs
Beautiful, sad songs
Heal me
Comfort me
When life’s letting me down

And when I go to bed
Sad songs in my head
I dream in black and white
Of tomorrow’s colorful light

Sad songs
I love sad songs

© Achille, 2014

Blank Life


Woke up and felt empty this morning
As if nothing had any meaning
I’m still a lonely kid
This silence kills

Went outside for a little walk
Looking for somebody to talk to
Saw a lost dog on the lawn
We’re both waiting for the dawn

Phone rang, a so-called friend
No I ain’t dead yet, what about you man?
It’s not like my life is ending
But more like it never started

I’ve been in this waiting room for so long
Hey Doctor you’ve forgotten to call my name
Yes I’m ill, I live a life with no aim

Maybe it’s time to rush
Bring some calm to the strife
Someone give me a brush
So I paint something on this blank life

© Achille, 2012